The RTM Church Podcast
Episode 2
Benjamin Lundquist On Leadership
7 February 2018

Calling Youth & Young Adults to Leadership in Jesus
Pr Benjamin Lundquist presents 8 essentials for effective leadership and how you can empower
youth and young adults to lead well.

This is one of the best presentations we have ever heard on leadership. If you are interested in developing young leaders at your church then you have to listen to this podcast episode. It was recorded off of a phone in a lecture theater so the quality is not perfect, but the content was so good we had to share it with our RTM Church Family.

PR BENJAMIN LUNDQUIST  @Benjaminlund – Follow On Twitter

Benjamin Lundquist is the Young Adult Ministries Director for the Oregon Conference
and also serves as the Young Adult Ministries Coordinator for the North American
Division. Benjamin has an M.A. in Youth and Young Adult Ministry from Andrews University.
He has spearheaded a variety of innovative young adult ministry projects and
mentoring models. He is passionate about inspiring young adults to become growing
followers of Jesus and leaders for His cause. Ben and his wife Kim spend much of the
year investing in the lives of the the next generation through camps, retreats, speaking
appointments, and simply sharing their life with others.

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