The Story Behind The Bible Worker Fund

Recently, there have been some significant changes to our church that I wanted to inform you of. In Australia, the tithes and offerings have dropped almost 75% in the last month with the closures of churches due to restrictions set in place by the government to control the spread of COVID-19 and an overall fear of a complete economic crash. This has had a trickle down effect and has caused funding for several ministries to be reduced or withdrawn completely.


Furthermore, this has had a direct impact on RTM Church as we have several Local Mission Volunteers (LMV) Bible Workers, (with even more scheduled to come later in the year) who are funded through the NNSW conference evangelism department. Even though they are volunteers, each LMV Bible Worker costs about $200 per week for accommodation, food, and fuel. Now that funding has been reduced, these LMV Bible Workers will rely on the RTM Church family to help cover these expenses.


The LMV Bible Workers are very valuable to the ministries at RTM Church, they are the frontline of ministry as they give Bible studies to people in the church and our community, volunteer at the Op Shop, volunteer at NEWSTART Juice, serve on the ministry team at RTM Church, assist community members with food deliveries and community services, share the Gospel with seekers on a regular basis with local traffic at the church during the week, and are diligently working and praying for God’s Kingdom to grow. Mind you all of this is done by VOLUNTEERS, they are not here to get rich with gold, but to share the richness of blessings from God to others. They have chosen to sacrifice their time for the Kingdom of Heaven.

 An Appeal For Bible Workers, There Is Still Hope!

Although there has been a recent loss of funding, God has already started to provide for RTM Church in other ways. Recently, two different people have committed to sponsor some of our Bible Workers with fortnightly donations to the end of 2020. One family is giving $300 per fortnight toward the Bible Worker Fund, while another family has committed $100 per fortnight toward the Bible Worker Fund. These two commitments alone will cover the cost of 1 Bible Worker at $400 per fortnight ($200 per week) for the rest of 2020. God is good and He has impressed some of our church family members to make these financial sacrifices, so that the Bible Workers can continue to make their sacrifices as volunteers and serve the Kingdom of God through RTM Church.


If you feel impressed to make a regular commitment to sponsor the Bible Worker Fund at RTM Church, I would strongly encourage you to pray for God’s guidance in how much you can sacrifice to help continue the work of spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We are living in incredible times and every dollar spent toward the Kingdom of Heaven brings us ever closer to the soon return of Jesus Christ. Even $5 each week can make a big difference when trying to help cover the costs of these incredible young people who are volunteering their lives to service.


From $5 to $10 to $25 to $50 to $100, or even a weekly $200 commitment, whatever you feel impressed to give will all add up to make a huge impact for the Bible Worker Fund, enabling young people from all over the world to serve God and become equipped to make disciples of all nations. RTM Church has become a training ground for Hero Makers and your financial commitment (weekly, fortnightly, or even monthly) will make it possible to reach the whole world with the love of God, starting right here in Raymond Terrace.


To contribute to the RTM Bible Worker Fund please send all donations to:


RTM Church Westpac Account

BSB: 032-524

Account Number: 268901

Reference: BW Fund


Thank you for taking the time to read this and to prayerfully consider how you can help.

CLICK HERE - Special Instructions for eGIVING to BW FUND at RTM Church

To donate to the Bible Worker Fund on follow these instructions.

1. Go to 

2. Check to make sure your are donating to Raymond Terrace Mission Adventist Church

3. Select “Show Other Offerings” in top right hand corner.

4. Scroll down and select “Local Budget Income (Raymond Terrace Mission Church)”

5. Select amount you want to donate then click donate.

6. In the box that says Donor’s last name write “- BW FUND” after your last name. See example below.

7. Complete your donation by filling in the rest of the form then clicking “confirm payment” and recieve your reciept.

Contact us at for any other financial questions relating to RTM Church.

Thank you for your contribution.